Saturday, October 23, 2010

We had the1950's Themed contest yesterday at CWS

Yesterday 10-22-10 marked a very wonderful theme for all of us at Classic with Style. The Creativity and hard work definitely was evident in everyone's apparel. I am so proud to be a part of this fashion family. Miss Layah Placed first she is the pro,the students did not beat her, yet two of them placed with her. Second place went to Miss Blossom, and third place To Miss SD.  The Students win's and placing is on the rise here at CWS.
Once again I'd like to mention the wonderful outfits every single person, had for this contest.
For example:
Zig was a fifties Rock Star,Nataly was Dressed as Miss Marilyn Monroe, Freedom as a great  fifties Matador named Antonio Ordonez...and I would of Captured them all in Photo, if  I'd not been in the show myself as Miss Sofia Loren!
Thank you all for Making my Second-Life so much fun. You all are doing so well,  and I'm definitely proud to be here with all of you.. Amy, Ruby, and the many others I did not mention by name... this blog also includes you...I loved every outfit I seen out there last night.
Steve and Anrol you really know how to make Modeling so much more enjoyable with all you great contest and wonderful themes.
I blow kisses to you all...Lisana, Taby, Debbie,Veronica and Laylah you should be proud producing such a great bunch of new models! This says alot for all the time and patience you have had with us. We Love you Ladies, for all you do so willingly. Muahs!
In another blog I will post pictures of Freedom and myself and write what inspired us to portray the characters we did. Here's Last nights winners pictures. These where so Fabulous and well-earned!!!

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