Monday, October 25, 2010

This Weekend was a busy one! Meghindo Fashion Show and also Mid-terms CWS

I can Honestly say Miss Sweetest and Cindy can sure Order one heck of an awesome show...and this weekend i was given the opportunity to be a part of it for Meghindo Fashion.This Designer is a sweet Lady with Fantastic Fashion. Though I did not walk in this show grateful to have been there at all.I was a Mannequin in one scene,and Modeled Lingerie or swimwear in another.
Below are the pictures and along with this wonderful event came Mid-term prep for CwS ...I was exhausted by Saturday night as I had stayed up all night long and all day Saturday readying myself so every detail was covered for this and mid-terms... and and Saturday night I fell asleep at my keyboard. I did however bounce back Sunday. Most of us made our mid-terms.... so happy for all of us who passed this! Now we have finals and prep for Moxie Polano Fashion Mix and Match on Thursday Oct 28th, I was blessed enough to be chosen in the preliminary Mix N Match contest to be one of the top ten finalist. Woo Hoo! yes I'm very excited as I'm going to hit the runway with awesome Modeling talent Thursday, FYI there will be Pictures to follow for this event in another blog please enjoy the Meghindo Pictures!

All Pictures Above done By Angelic Oasis Photography  2010 -Angel all Rights Reserved.

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