Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reminessing -The Begining Newbie-ville- USA

I recall April 22nd 2008 The Day Miss JasmineKyra Schulmann was Rezzed...When I first cammed at myself I seen this horrid visual of what I looked like virtualy oh my goodness!!! Jas went grid skipping and trying to improve her look.I look back at Jasmine every time I'm mowed over stepped on by any of the new-comers on the grid. I know the frustrations that came with learning all the functions on the grid and was overwhelmed for about one full month.
I still can recall being inside a very nice mall, grabbing for free skins, hair, anything  that would get me out of the Dollar-Tree Barbie look. EEK!!!!!!!
I was  a sight. Putting on what I thought was anything better then how I looked "sighs" I turned myself into a Blockhead in public wearing a non-opened item.
Then this really nice person came along and said please let me help you you poor little rubberized thing.Giggles, not really how he said it... but this was exactly how I felt at the moment. Mortified lol!
 I told this person please, I cannot afford anybody to help me.This wonderful person persisted said he wanted to help my sister as well.
 There was a condition, help another avatar of my choosing as I get better set up with an account.This person said what comes around truly goes around, and  this rule applies in second-life.I was the type never to ask for anything so I was totally taken off guard by his sincere kindness.He fixed both my sister and I within 2 hours. So later on... I did just that I finally got myself an account and sure enough I found two or more, I helped out of that horrifying state of total newbie-ness.
I remember camping for linden, then dancing, then I soon stepped up into hosting and
management of a Dance and Music Club, before I realized none of these things were what I wanted.So I - Jas, began going for modeling contests... with my sister we had loads of fun, and she ended up partnered to our good Samaritan :) who first helped us! Jas struggled but met some awesome people in fashion before she was fully retired. One of these people was Miss Sofia Yates a good friend and her fellow photographer friend introduced me to her.
She did me a very nice video with Jas, it was originally set to songs I adored like "Summertime" (Jazz version) and one of my favorite Sinatra songs...since then she has swapped up the music as to only have one song, of which is more modern.
This is a lady I will never forget...talented fun-loving and sincere.
She told me don't ever forget me, when one day you truly hit the runways.
today I'm letting her know I never forgot her. She amazed me with her quick-paced talent.
To this day I respect all the poor noobs I look back to my newbie days, and the semi-polished Lady Jasmine was before her Retirement.
Below is her video hope you all enjoy.
Remembering her and her retirement as to step aside and make way for Miss Angel to rezz up August 17th 2008. To fill her shoes, and aching feet. Along with Angel, came my special fashionable friends, including Sofia and Miss Ida Boominghauer, among others.So here's a toast to the first few months on the grids for my fellow friends of second-life. Enjoy the journey back to 2008!

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