Thursday, October 28, 2010

Angels Place: Listen to MyFace Playlist

Angels Place: Listen to MyFace Playlist

October 26th Angel goes to Burning Life after Passing finals at CWS

It had been a very hard-core schedule this week and last, with a show for Meghindo, as well as a lot of classes homework and contests.I even entered last weeks Mix N Match and was fortunate enough to become a Top Ten finalist. Everyone here for this contest was awesome, and I wish all the finalists much luck in Thursday Oct 28th 5pm, Final Mix n Match! Public you are invited to attend this event as well! This contest is sponsored by the Fantastic designer Miss Moxie Polano!.Yesterday I took My finals @ CwS and will Graduate this Friday with my wonderful Classmates! My Congratulations to each and everyone of you! You all are wonderful models & with more work and practice... we will make Anrol and Steve glad we have been tagged "Simply D Best" and with this being said was time for Miss angel and Free to go have some fun....we went to Burning-life a wonderful place with magnificent Art and Fabulous builds...Science exhibits there as well. When it was time for Free to return to RL well ....I just could not w/o letting my hair down and having fun with my camera in the exhibits. I will post a couple pictures here; however the full slide-show can be seen by following my link to the right to my pixie-look page. I also was so fortunate once again to be chosen as a second-place winner in the ghost themed contest and everyone in this also Rocked!THe outfit you see me in the following Pictures Is By INGA WIND-Fairy Fae In SILVER this Woman Is AMAZING as A FANTASY DESIGNER If you have not been there GO it's very wonderful and all her Designs are AMAZING!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their small break before our Graduation....Muahs all!

Monday, October 25, 2010

This Weekend was a busy one! Meghindo Fashion Show and also Mid-terms CWS

I can Honestly say Miss Sweetest and Cindy can sure Order one heck of an awesome show...and this weekend i was given the opportunity to be a part of it for Meghindo Fashion.This Designer is a sweet Lady with Fantastic Fashion. Though I did not walk in this show grateful to have been there at all.I was a Mannequin in one scene,and Modeled Lingerie or swimwear in another.
Below are the pictures and along with this wonderful event came Mid-term prep for CwS ...I was exhausted by Saturday night as I had stayed up all night long and all day Saturday readying myself so every detail was covered for this and mid-terms... and and Saturday night I fell asleep at my keyboard. I did however bounce back Sunday. Most of us made our mid-terms.... so happy for all of us who passed this! Now we have finals and prep for Moxie Polano Fashion Mix and Match on Thursday Oct 28th, I was blessed enough to be chosen in the preliminary Mix N Match contest to be one of the top ten finalist. Woo Hoo! yes I'm very excited as I'm going to hit the runway with awesome Modeling talent Thursday, FYI there will be Pictures to follow for this event in another blog please enjoy the Meghindo Pictures!

All Pictures Above done By Angelic Oasis Photography  2010 -Angel all Rights Reserved.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We had the1950's Themed contest yesterday at CWS

Yesterday 10-22-10 marked a very wonderful theme for all of us at Classic with Style. The Creativity and hard work definitely was evident in everyone's apparel. I am so proud to be a part of this fashion family. Miss Layah Placed first she is the pro,the students did not beat her, yet two of them placed with her. Second place went to Miss Blossom, and third place To Miss SD.  The Students win's and placing is on the rise here at CWS.
Once again I'd like to mention the wonderful outfits every single person, had for this contest.
For example:
Zig was a fifties Rock Star,Nataly was Dressed as Miss Marilyn Monroe, Freedom as a great  fifties Matador named Antonio Ordonez...and I would of Captured them all in Photo, if  I'd not been in the show myself as Miss Sofia Loren!
Thank you all for Making my Second-Life so much fun. You all are doing so well,  and I'm definitely proud to be here with all of you.. Amy, Ruby, and the many others I did not mention by name... this blog also includes you...I loved every outfit I seen out there last night.
Steve and Anrol you really know how to make Modeling so much more enjoyable with all you great contest and wonderful themes.
I blow kisses to you all...Lisana, Taby, Debbie,Veronica and Laylah you should be proud producing such a great bunch of new models! This says alot for all the time and patience you have had with us. We Love you Ladies, for all you do so willingly. Muahs!
In another blog I will post pictures of Freedom and myself and write what inspired us to portray the characters we did. Here's Last nights winners pictures. These where so Fabulous and well-earned!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it the face of an Angel? No!!! It's Scary... it's the Wicked Witch of the West

OMG I Actually won with a face...... I'd run from lol....But here it is!!! The cackling scary witch we all remember from The Classic "Wizard of Oz" Complete with her Broom that actually drives quite well if I might add. I wanted to say in last nights contest at Classic glamor w/Style, I really felt so sorry for the judges.I'm so honored to be a member of such a creative bunch of Models thing it's a mature sim... lol. Kids would of got nightmare's from what graced....or should I say haunted the cat-walk! Laylah and Debbie I was honored even more so... being chosen as a winner with such wonderful models as you are.....Muahs Ladies!  Oh Below you will find my description to bad I can't upload my...." I 'll get you my pretty" gesture...or that wicked laugh. Halloween Nice theme Steve and Anrol thank you very much, I'm having fun and learning so many new things at at once! ......hugs.

Hi ev1 for tonight's theme Scary theme I have decided to come from the set of Wizard of Oz.She was the one of the scariest characters and that is why I choose her. The wicked witch of the west comes as a complete. The designer is ABC. Yes the Wicked Witch of the West Cackles ......My hair is by Damselfly called Pepper Raven II. and she is wearing Fadabebe Diamond Black Heels. Her broom is By Kewy (it even flies).  Whatever you do Don't throw any water!!!!! This Wicthee poo is a high cost costume on ARC .......However she indeed was paid well for that evil Cackle and melting effect! Thank you all for having me here tonight.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little More about Me ... you may wanta know winks!

I am a very spirited person...and one word used to describe me...Vivacious!!! :D. I am Currently entered into the contest for Mr/Miss Hawaii 2010.
No this is not my photo for the entry ...but had to put something in here.
I love Fashion Modeling-Runway-Magazine-Maniquin all of it in SL and have had the pleasure of working with some of SL Best....Including Opium's Miss Ida Boominghauer as well as are you ready for this??? I had the pleasure of Gracing the runways in winter 2009 with our former MVW.. Miss Mimi Boa!! Mimi, I Love you hun for all the advice you gave me, even during the year of your reigning title you still took the time to help me out! MUAHS
I also Have another person in SL I just Idolize that would be our SL Mr Frolic Mills CEO of BOSL, and one very talented musician Mr.Jonas Lunasea your voice amazes me.
I also take pictures in SL and call My Studio Angelic Oasis Photography.
I Have recently got into Amaretto Breed-able horses Love them.
I am part of The Jonathan Heiss Project...My Lead for this Concert group was Beyonce! Jonathan is a wonderful Boss, as well as one of SL's Best DJ's on the Grid. Such a wonderful fun time I have had with so many here in SL. I love so many wonderful people.
Way to many to name but you all know who you are CEO'S-Managers-Designers-Photographers Videographers-Modeling Family- And many Friends.
I am taken in SL by the sweet-talented Model Mr.FreedomRock Rhiadra.
I recently have been working on wrapping up my education at FIMA currently hold a certificate from them.
Now attending Classic Glamor w/Style and absolutly Love it here.I'm continuing to learn even more...thank you Steve -Anrol- Miss Taby-Veronica-Liasana and ev1 else!
 I always go forward with a humble heart and good attitude!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
AngelRaella Shelman

Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love being a CWS student and future Model!!! Here you will see my two-cents worth

First I'd like to start off by telling you how I came to Classic Glamor w/style. I was enjoying myself being a runway Model for Papparazzi at the time and had joined star-walkers group. I seen an addy about was a pagent I just had to go!!!  I went and was amazed at the sequenced modeling motions the show was high class and very worth-while.
I watched as each Model represented her was FAB every outfit was perfectly adjusted the Models performed a dance individually and every -one would of had my vote! LoL I sure did pity the judges here....I would of hated to have to choose only one and these models from CWS made it ....I'm sure very difficult.
To make a long story short this was the beginning of my CWS Pageant stalking. I waited and watched and continued to attend the contests and the pageants.
After one of these Pageants I became a student by invite from both Steve and Anrol. I can honestly say I'm very proud to be with CWS the people here are awesome ...I feel Welcome....And loved!!!! I will be forever grateful. I will work hard to be all I can be... and represent CWS with Professional quality. Thank you Steve-Anrol and all the wonderful instructors who so diligently give us their time. a special thank you also to all the students who I have come to also love here at CWS. look forward to gracing the runways of CWS with you.