Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good Weekend October 10-16-10 Taking on a new Hobby

Greetings Business folk, friends, models, and and family.This last week has been a very busy one at CWS and at home as well.Freedom and I have decided to take on a brand new hobby with Amaretto Breeding Horses. This week has been full of Runway practices and horse auctions. I had been grid hopping for three days looking for certain traits.
It's quite exciting to have a beautiful pair of  horses with traits and enjoying the anticipation of what we may get from the mated pairs.
I'm also a very bargain wise shopper and this involves a lot of patience to find those diamond deals in the salt mine so to speak.I basically wanted to share that though, I love the glamor and glitz of Second life's cat-walks, I'm  still right down earthy and very much a country lady.

I also enjoy SL Photography and been working with what I have for editing atm.


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