Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Little More about Me ... you may wanta know winks!

I am a very spirited person...and one word used to describe me...Vivacious!!! :D. I am Currently entered into the contest for Mr/Miss Hawaii 2010.
No this is not my photo for the entry ...but had to put something in here.
I love Fashion Modeling-Runway-Magazine-Maniquin all of it in SL and have had the pleasure of working with some of SL Best....Including Opium's Miss Ida Boominghauer as well as are you ready for this??? I had the pleasure of Gracing the runways in winter 2009 with our former MVW.. Miss Mimi Boa!! Mimi, I Love you hun for all the advice you gave me, even during the year of your reigning title you still took the time to help me out! MUAHS
I also Have another person in SL I just Idolize that would be our SL Mr Frolic Mills CEO of BOSL, and one very talented musician Mr.Jonas Lunasea your voice amazes me.
I also take pictures in SL and call My Studio Angelic Oasis Photography.
I Have recently got into Amaretto Breed-able horses Love them.
I am part of The Jonathan Heiss Project...My Lead for this Concert group was Beyonce! Jonathan is a wonderful Boss, as well as one of SL's Best DJ's on the Grid. Such a wonderful fun time I have had with so many here in SL. I love so many wonderful people.
Way to many to name but you all know who you are CEO'S-Managers-Designers-Photographers Videographers-Modeling Family- And many Friends.
I am taken in SL by the sweet-talented Model Mr.FreedomRock Rhiadra.
I recently have been working on wrapping up my education at FIMA currently hold a certificate from them.
Now attending Classic Glamor w/Style and absolutly Love it here.I'm continuing to learn even more...thank you Steve -Anrol- Miss Taby-Veronica-Liasana and ev1 else!
 I always go forward with a humble heart and good attitude!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
AngelRaella Shelman

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