Monday, October 18, 2010

I Love being a CWS student and future Model!!! Here you will see my two-cents worth

First I'd like to start off by telling you how I came to Classic Glamor w/style. I was enjoying myself being a runway Model for Papparazzi at the time and had joined star-walkers group. I seen an addy about was a pagent I just had to go!!!  I went and was amazed at the sequenced modeling motions the show was high class and very worth-while.
I watched as each Model represented her was FAB every outfit was perfectly adjusted the Models performed a dance individually and every -one would of had my vote! LoL I sure did pity the judges here....I would of hated to have to choose only one and these models from CWS made it ....I'm sure very difficult.
To make a long story short this was the beginning of my CWS Pageant stalking. I waited and watched and continued to attend the contests and the pageants.
After one of these Pageants I became a student by invite from both Steve and Anrol. I can honestly say I'm very proud to be with CWS the people here are awesome ...I feel Welcome....And loved!!!! I will be forever grateful. I will work hard to be all I can be... and represent CWS with Professional quality. Thank you Steve-Anrol and all the wonderful instructors who so diligently give us their time. a special thank you also to all the students who I have come to also love here at CWS. look forward to gracing the runways of CWS with you.


  1. Hi angel just to let you know your blogs are fab. I am very happy to ahve met you and Free and am delighted we got to share the experience of being taught togther in UCWS. your a wondeful woman and a lovey friend i wish you all the best in your modeling vareer here in SL. xxx

  2. Sweet SD you are such a wonderful person.As I wrote in my last blog all of my classmates are talented and creative.It is my honor to be gracing the runways of CWS with you all.I wish you all the best in your careers in Modeling.Muahs I Send My Love and Best Wishes!