Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is it the face of an Angel? No!!! It's Scary... it's the Wicked Witch of the West

OMG I Actually won with a face...... I'd run from lol....But here it is!!! The cackling scary witch we all remember from The Classic "Wizard of Oz" Complete with her Broom that actually drives quite well if I might add. I wanted to say in last nights contest at Classic glamor w/Style, I really felt so sorry for the judges.I'm so honored to be a member of such a creative bunch of Models thing it's a mature sim... lol. Kids would of got nightmare's from what graced....or should I say haunted the cat-walk! Laylah and Debbie I was honored even more so... being chosen as a winner with such wonderful models as you are.....Muahs Ladies!  Oh Below you will find my description to bad I can't upload my...." I 'll get you my pretty" gesture...or that wicked laugh. Halloween Nice theme Steve and Anrol thank you very much, I'm having fun and learning so many new things at at once! ......hugs.

Hi ev1 for tonight's theme Scary theme I have decided to come from the set of Wizard of Oz.She was the one of the scariest characters and that is why I choose her. The wicked witch of the west comes as a complete. The designer is ABC. Yes the Wicked Witch of the West Cackles ......My hair is by Damselfly called Pepper Raven II. and she is wearing Fadabebe Diamond Black Heels. Her broom is By Kewy (it even flies).  Whatever you do Don't throw any water!!!!! This Wicthee poo is a high cost costume on ARC .......However she indeed was paid well for that evil Cackle and melting effect! Thank you all for having me here tonight.

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