Saturday, October 16, 2010

I think we make a Hot Modeling Couple

Just another quick post tonight...was feeling creative so got my photo-editor up on my new computer finally, thanks to the wonderful man in this picture with me.So awesome to have someone like Freedom who is always thoughtful and caring...I could not ask for more in a Modeling setting or in the privacy of of our Island Paradise Angelic Oasis home of my photography ...and also Angelic Oasis Stables which houses our small herd of Amaretto's. I also feel ever so grateful to have somebody who shares so many of my interests....he has made me smile and glow with his never-ending charm since this last April 2010. I'm just considering myself one of the Luckiest women in second-life...guess thats it. Freedom your  an awesome model already, and I'm very proud of you for all the hard work you are putting forward in this with juggling your RL job too."Simply D  Best" to me.        
Thank you handsome, for being yourself!

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